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Account Security
How can I change my login password?How do I add a frequently used device?How can I change my mobile number in the OwnBank app?How can I change my PIN?Read more
Getting Started
My account upgrading failed. What should I do?How do I upgrade my Basic Account?I forgot my password. What should I do?How long does KYC verification usually take?Read more
Money In & Out
Which banks can I transfer to?Is there any transfer fee?Are there any fees for Cash In?How can I add cash to my OwnBank account?Read more
What is Time Deposit?How is the interest of Time Deposit calculated?What is Own It?How is Own It interest calculated?Read more
Own Life
I haven't received my load although my balance has been debited. What should I do?I bought load for a wrong mobile number. What should I do?What can I buy on Own Life feature?How do I buy load?Read more
Other Questions
Where can I check the version of OwnBank?Where can I give my feedback or suggestion to OwnBank?Does OwnBank charge an annual fee?
What is personal accident insurance?Why do I need personal accident insurance?How much is the premium for personal accident insurance?What is the coverage of personal accident insurance?Read more
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